Top 100 Countdown – 100 – 91

Its here – the top 100 video games of all time according to Japan Gaming Guide!  Starting today with 100-91, here goes..

100. Suikoden (Playstation)

Because we loved fleshing out our castle, and the way the game progressed from turn based combat through to massive battles.

99. Gunstar Heroes (Genesis/Megadrive)

Never before had shooting stuff required such cunning.

98. Crazy Taxi (PS2/Dreamcast)

Good clean fun.

97. Tetris (Various)

How does this game not get boring?  Don’t know, but we love it.

96. Motor GP 2: Online Challenge (Xbox)

A great racing game – and the menus bring back fond memories of the sinclair spectrum.

95. Pang (Amiga/Arcade)

Pop, pop, pop  till you drop.

94. IK+ (Spectrum)

No combos, no special moves, just punch, kick, skill and the ability to make your opponents trousers fall down.

93. Chase H.Q. (Arcade)

Do it for Nancy.

92. Zone of Enders (PS2)

A great little mech game.

91. Highway Encounter (Spectrum)

What other game allows you to be a gang of daleks?

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