3DS Add-ons

Let’s take a look at some of the add-ons available for the Nintendo 3DS.

First up is the Rakuoki, a simple stand to allow for easy writing. It’s not too expensive at ¥940.

Next, we have the Handle, a steering wheel for racers. It might not be the best with the 3D on though, since moving the console tends to distort the 3D effect. At ¥1150, it too is also rather inexpensive.

Finally, the one that’s making big news, the Slidepad. This add-on was released in conjunction with Monster Hunter Tri-G and adds a second analog slider pad, 2 shoulder buttons, and ergonomic grips. It’s also an official Nintendo product, hinting that a possible 3DS redesign and upgrade is coming. It’s the most expensive of the add-ons available at ¥1500, but still not too much considering it may soon become a necessity. Here are some more pictures of the device:

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