Attack of the Giant Buttocks from Space

Aliens are always trying to take over the earth. Every time you switch on the TV or go to the movies, there they are. Giant robots, bug eyed monsters – they come in all shapes and forms, but they are always defeated. Robots can be smashed, monsters can be killed, but what the hell would mankind do if faced with a swarming hoard of giant flying butt cheeks?

We don’t want to think about how they’re going to attack us, but there is a way to repel them – point your Wiimote and open fire! The rear assault is a mere minigame of Jinsei Game Wii – which translates as ‘Game of Life Wii’, not ‘attack of the unclad posteriors’ as we were hoping.

The game is based on a popular Japanese board game – and features other minigames such as “Don’t blow up the balloon” and “Stick swords in the barrel”. How the butts from space translate to the living room is anybody’s guess.

You’ll be able to use your Miis in the game as well, if you’re willing to expose them to full on gluteal peril.

[Read (Japanese), via Kotaku]

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