Nintendo’s new fish tank puzzler, Theta.

Fish Tank based Theta is the latest aquatic title from Nintendo. It’s official website just launched, with pics and a gameplay movie.

From what we can make out, the player starts off by mixing groups of multi coloured ‘atoms’ together, coaxing them into place with the stylus on the bottom screen. These form ‘molecules’ which then end up either hatching into fish, or luring them into your aquarium, we’re not sure which yet.

The game also features ‘kaiten puzzles’. These look a bit like the game ‘Downfall’, although we’ve heard they can be pretty challenging.

It looks like it might be an interesting puzzler. We’ll give you more news as we get closer to the game’s September 6th release.

There seem to be a lot of watery around games at the moment, what with Forever Blue on the Wii, Wave Race on the VC and of course the depths of Rapture in Bioshock. Maybe all this heat is getting to developers.


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