Petition for Final Fantasy VII Remake Sent to Square Enix

An online petition calling for a remake of Final Fantasy VII was submitted to Square Enix recently. Over 20,000 people lent their support to the cry for a new version of the Playstation classic. There have been some rumours that the remake was already underway, particularly as this year is the game’s 10th anniversary, and Squeenix have been pretty keen to hype it up.

Unfortunately a customer support person responded to the petition saying that they were currently very busy with all their other projects at the moment – and weren’t working on a remake. Interestingly, the response included several qualifiers, such as ‘at this time’, ‘current plans’ (our highlighting) and the tone of the message suggests that a remake is something that may well happen in the future.

This would make a lot of sense, after all they’ve remade most of the others, so surely number VII is going to get a revamp at some point.

[Read, via Gaming Today]

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