Microsoft Announce Xbox One Launch Date

Xbox One will finally launch in Japan on September 4th of this year.

The system will come in two versions, with and without Kinect, priced at 49980 yen and 39980 yen respectively.

Microsoft have never really gained traction in Japan, so have their work cut out to shift units this time around. We’re looking forward to see what new titles will be announced at E3, they could certainly do with pulling something spectacular out of the bag.

As well as the console they also announced peripheral prices and launch titles. The wireless controller at 5980 yen might be of interest to PC gamers as it is rumoured to be getting PC compatibility soon.


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  1. こんにちは!私はこれにしてきた宣誓していることができる前にした後、ブログサイトのウェブサイト チェックポストのいくつかを、私はそれは私に新機能を実現しました。 とにかくとにかく、私は間違いなくうれしい喜んよ、私はそれを発見し、私はなるだろうブックマークとバックチェック頻繁!

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