TV Listings Channel for the Wii in Japan

Wii owners in Japan will be able to browse the TV listings from next spring, via a new Wii Channel. The G-Guide system was just announced by Nintendo, who want to give people a reason to switch the Wii on every day, regardless of whether or not they are playing games.

Another new development is the facility to buy stuff for your friends on the shopping channel. We don’t have the details on this yet, but we think it means you’ll be able to purchase Virtual Console titles and send them to your friends as gifts. How popular this one will be, we don’t know – but could they be planning to expand the shopping channel to include more than games?

[Read, via the Tanooki]

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  3. does anyone know what they’re goin to sell on the shop channel besides games? Just leave a comment here and I’ll check every day to se what you all know!!

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  5. Cant wait to find out when thse channels fo the WII will be releasesd!

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