Biohazard getting the CG movie treatment

zombieCapcom just announced that a new CG movie will be coming out based on the zombie filled Biohazard games. Biohazard: Degeneration will get a “terrifying” release in 2008. Details are thin on the ground, but we’re promised a “new storyline”. Whether that will mean new characters remains to be seen, but expect there to be lots and lots of gut-chewing zombies and lots of lead flying around.

The other, live action, Biohazard movies have been pretty successful. The first two grossed over $100 million dollars each. The third one is due out this Saturday in Japan. One to watch then. The question we want to know is whether they’re going to try and stretch the ‘so bad its funny’ feel of the game’s cutscenes across the full length of a movie, or whether they’re going to try and make it all, y’know serious and stuff.

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