Top 100 Countdown 20 – 11

20. Super Punch Out (SNES)
Arcade boxing at its best. Take on a series of bizarre opponents, most of whom seem completely unbeatable at first, but all of whom have some hidden weakness to discover. Always fun to play, and replay this game might not be the most realistic boxing game, but it is probably the most memorable.
19. Ancient Domains of Mystery (PC)
ASCII text. That’s all this is. But from that text is born a vast and complex world, populated by elves, goblins and a vast range of fantasy creatures and bizarre characters. If you want to exercise your imagination give this a try, but only if you have lots of time on your hands.
18. Doom (PC)
Everybody remember the demons, the gore and of course the chainsaw, but revisiting this, many players are surprised to find that the game still feels outstanding to play due to the masterful level design and the gloriously satisfying gunplay on offer. Doom refined the template that id set out with Wolfenstein and took it to a standard that is rarely matched even today.
17. SSX Tricky (Xbox)
Games should be fun. That’s what the designers of SSX tricky know. Here’s a game that allows you to do all kinds of crazy tricks and spectacular flips, far beyond what’s humanly possible.
16. Day of the Tentacle (PC)
Time travel adds another dimension to this witty point and click puzzler. Take three characters and try once again to save the world from the evil purple tentacle.
15. Jet Set Radio (DC)
Smilebit`s stylized vision of Tokyo is one of gaming’s most vibrant worlds, full of strange characters and places to see and do. In jet set radio the streets become your playground, sliding off rails and jumping off walls to reach ever more treacherous parts of the landscape – skilled Jet Set Radio players can travel round the levels without touching the ground.
14. Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
Miyamoto’s epic journey through the land of Hyrule really changed the scale of what was possible in video games. An interactive kingdom packed with quests, subgames and an absolute stack of hidden stuff that just begs to be found.
13. Wario Ware (GBA)
It takes a couple of minutes to adjust to Wario Wares disjointed barrage of gaming moments. After that, this is paradise for the short attention spanned gamer, challenging and entertaining, and managing to throw two fingers up at countless game mechanics.
12. Winning Eleven 8 International (Xbox)
The only series that actually manages to feel like football while still being fun is Winning Eleven/Pro Evo. Despite not having all the licences of FIFA there is a ton more depth and those willing to learn to play it will not be disappointed.
11. Advance Wars DS (NDS)
Take the cold clunky hex based wargame, turn the hexes to squares and inject a ton of personality and this is what you get. One of the most compulsive games around – with brilliant level design and horribly deep sugar coated combat.

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  2. Wow…I found a game related to Cthulhu / Lovecraft…called Necronomicon!! Very addictive!

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