Alien Hominid on Xbox live?

Popular shooter ‘Alien Hominid’ could be coming to Xbox live arcade very soon.  The following page was recently put up, probably accidentally:

Alien Hominid

We’re also looking forward to Dreamcast classic ‘Ikaruga’ and Jeff Minter’s ‘Space Giraffe’ both of which are on the way, along with chess and the mighty settlers of catan.

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One Response to “Alien Hominid on Xbox live?”

  1. It feels very good to know this game is on PC, but it would be even better if we could have a DRM-free opiton. I’m not very comfortable with Steam, (even if their service is top-notch) because I’m not sure what would happen to my games if Valve suddendly goes bankrupt so having a non-Steam opiton would be the best case scenario.Before buying this game, though, I have a question: Steam is selling this game right now for 50% of the original price. Do you also get less money if the customers buy during these sales or is it only Steam’s loss? I’m feeling tempted to get it now to take advantage of the price drop, but if you guys somehow end up earning less too I’ll happily buy it for the full price soem other time

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