Xbox 360 is Japanese number 1

It took a big price cut and a decent RPG to do it, but it seems the Xbox 360 has finally started to make an impact in Japan. 28,681 units were sold in the week to September 14th, more than the Wii and Playstation 3 which have both outsold the 360 for most of its lifespan.

Several factors have contributed to the surge of interest: the hefty price cut, the launch of Tri-Ace’s Infinite Undiscovery and the end of a recent production shortage. Hopefully the machine can build on this success and continue to generate interest, not least so Japanese gamers can enjoy the many quality games on the platform.

In fact Xbox 360 games are regularly praised in hardcore gaming publications such as Famitsu, but until recently many Japanese we spoke to were simply not aware of the machine or its games. That should change as hardware sales pick up and word of mouth spreads, but whether it can happen quickly enough to catch up with its rivals is still open to question.


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