Virtual Console Releases for Janurary

What do we get to start 2009? Super Smash Brothers for 1200 points? A bit pricey, but fans will love it. Elsewhere Wonderboy III and Rastan Saga II might tempt us to part with our Wii points.

Famicom (500 points)

Detective Saburo Jinguji: A dangerous duo – part 1
Legend of Getsu Fuma
Zoids: Revelations

Nintendo 64 (1200 points)

Super Smash Brothers

Master System (500 points)

Fantasy Zone II – Tear of Opaopa

Mega Drive (600 points)

Wonder Boy III – Monster Lair

PC Engine

Rastan Saga 2 (600 points)
Legend of Wind Zanadou 2 (800 points)
Spriggan Mark 2 (800 points)
Champion Wrestler (600 points)

Relics is still on the list for MSX! Could this be the year we finally get to see it?

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