Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch Opens with a Classic

March 6th, 2017 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Nintendo, Switch | Comment »

The Switch debuted last Friday and it looks to have launched with an instant classic. Zelda:Breath of the Wild has picked up rave reviews being described by some as the best game in the series. Edge magazine awarded the game a coveted 10/10 score, and Eurogamer ranked it as essential. Breath of the Wild is also available on Wii U, which owners of the older console will be pleased to hear, runs the game without any major compromises and only marginal changes in graphical quality.

The Switch itself had a decent opening weekend, outselling the Wii U launch and shifting 80,000 units. We’ll be watching it closely over the next few months to see how it performs. The new Mario game later in the year will surely give it another boost.

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Denpa Men Anniversary

February 10th, 2017 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in 3DS | Comment »


Fans of 3DS RPG series Denpa Ningen might like to fire up the game this month as the developer is running a series of special events. During the event period you can win special items including ‘special sushi equipment’. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Online Blackjack: Target 21 to grab the fun

January 16th, 2017 David S Posted in Misc | Comment »

Online Blackjack is here to double the excitement in the hearts of all the Blackjack lovers! Blackjack has always been popular and one of the most sought out card games in the gambling arena. Punters need not go all decked up with bet money to the land casinos anymore. All the card splendour is right here available online with so many online casinos.

This popular card game was launched in early 1960s and the intent is to ‘Beat the Dealer’. Since then, it has always been the most popular card game which actually brought a boost to the industry by the launch of its online version.

Play Online Blackjack and beat the house:

Is your day getting dull? Need to get out of the rain! Don’t go anywhere; sitting with a hot coffee in your cosy bed will be enough to hopefully win you a fortune. Yes, you can win heaps and will be safely paid out. Play with the attractive & ultra realistic live dealer. Playing online Blackjack is not a robotic science. It simply requires you to login with your credentials and the  action is just a click away.  Blackjack sites such as Internetcasinosites.com/ will help you in find the most reputable sites to play at.

All the safety and security measures are looked after carefully, protecting player’s identity and financial details. The graphics are superb with real life-like gambling ambience. They offer quality and fair play with card faces clearly displayed on the perfectly set screen. You have total control over your bet money.

It is a simple game of counting numbers on your card and trying to get as close to 21 as you can to beat the house. Most versions of online blackjack are played with one deck but some versions are played with more. The number cards (from 2 to 10) stand for their face value. But an Ace is the game changer and  can be considered as an eleven or a one depending on the type of hand it would make. Rest all the picture cards (Kings, queens and jacks) are all 10 points. The main play is between you and the dealer. Both of you cannot go beyond 21 in your deal, otherwise you lose.

A player needs to be smart to fore think the move, whether it needs a HIT or a STAND. You need to have patience, perseverance and attentiveness for counting the cards and strategise your moves. You can even DOUBLE your bet, to win more. A HIT declares to have one more card and a STAND says to hold on here.

Come and join the fun with 21 and you are really going to be spoiled with the large jackpots and a massive variation available in a single game of online blackjack. Players who play with a live dealer get really close to the feeling of a real casino.

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Switch Revealed – Region Free

January 14th, 2017 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Mario, Nintendo, Switch | Comment »

Nintendo switch with zelda on screen

Nintendo just revealed details of their new hybrid console and in good news for expat gamers, the system will be region free, meaning you’ll be able to buy games from wherever you like.

We got a look at several launch games, including a long trailer for the impressive looking Zelda – Breath of the Wild. A new Mario game for the system, Mario Odyssey, looked intriguing, appearing to be set in an open world city with realistic citizens walking around. Grand Theft Mario, anyone? We also saw footage of Splatoon 2, which looked good. Other confirmed games included Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, FIFA soccer, Ultra Streetfighter 2, Steep, Minecraft, Arms – a motion controlled boxing game and several others.

Just five titles will be available at launch, Zelda, 1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, Skylanders Imaginators and Just Dance 2017.

Launch price will be Y29,980 which has raised a few eyebrows, but is slightly less than the Wii U Premium bundle. Peripherals do seem expensive with the pro controller going for $70 and the Joy-Con going for $50 each ($80 for a pair).

There will also be a subscription model for online play which is a shame, but it is worth pointing out that Wii U multiplayer performance is rock solid and the infrastructure for that doesn’t come cheap. There was some mention of a smartphone or device being used for online features, but we’re not yet clear on how that will work. Apparently subscribers will be entitled to play a single NES or SNES game each month, but it isn’t clear they’ll be able to keep it. Compared to the generous bundle of games offered with Playstation and XBox subscriptions this does sound somewhat Scrooge like. Overcharging for their retro content on modern system has always seemed a bit of an own goal for Nintendo but we’ll have to wait to see exactly what’s on offer before passing judgement on this.

All in all though we’re pretty pleased with this. The games look good, it’s region free and it seems to have a bit of third party support. Roll on March 3.

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Try Out VR Mode in Gran Turismo Sport

January 8th, 2017 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Playstation, Sony | Comment »

Red car pursued by another car
The upcoming Gran Turismo Sport is going to feature a VR mode allowing you to immerse yourself in the driving experience like never before. This feature will allow you to look around the tracks at your leisure, though it will likely be limited to part of the game only.

Anyone wanting to try this feature out had best head along to the Tokyo Auto Salon. The event is running from this Friday 13th – Sunday 15th and will feature a booth showing off the game. Visitors willing to queue will get the chance to try out the game in solo or multiplayer mode.

Sounds like a good chance for petrol heads to get an early look at how Gran Turismo shapes up in VR.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

Buy Gran Turismo Sport at Play Asia

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Fancy Unwrapping an Xbox One this Christmas?

December 6th, 2016 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in XBox One | Comment »

Not everything in Japan comes cheap. Cheese is one of these things. Nintendo games are another. But those of you wanting to save a few Yen this Christmas might want to turn to Microsoft. The Xbox One is going for a bargain price of Y19800 on Amazon.co.jp. That sounds like a great deal to us, especially as it comes bundled with the Master Chief collection featuring the first four Halo games. Might be time to start dropping a few hints to loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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Nintendo Reveal Footage of the Switch

October 20th, 2016 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Nintendo | Comment »

We got our first good look at the new Nintendo NX today thanks to footage uploaded to twitter. Henceforth it shall now be known as Nintendo Switch. Not a bad name. Might be confused with a bank card in the UK but that shouldn’t deter the hardcore fans.

Several games are shown, the exciting looking new Zelda, Splatoon, what looked like a new Mario Game, something a bit Skyrimy and one or two others.

The trailer shows off the ability of the system to switch between playing on the TV and working as a fully portable system. Someone is also shown at an airport, which hopefully means Nintendo have decided they’d actually like to sell some systems and abandoned their region locking nonsense this time around. Fingers crossed! Anyway, there’s not long to wait. Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017.

Watch the trailer at the official site, here.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

September 16th, 2016 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Japan, Playstation | Comment »

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was shown at the Tokyo Game Show this week. The game looks to be shaping up well and will launch in Japan on November 2nd, for PS4 only. Outside Japan there will also be versions for Windows and Xbox one.

Check out famitsu for a few screenshots, and pictures of Japanese celebrities in wigs: link

Players wanting to get in on the action early might want to sign up for the open beta which will start on October 8th, details at the official website here.

You can order the game here [affiliate link].

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Psychic High School High Jinks – Saiki Kusuo no Sainan Shijou Saidai no Saina

September 8th, 2016 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in 3DS, Japan | Comment »

saiki kusuo no sainan shijou saidai no saina

Fans of psychic photographer Saiki Kusunoki Takeshi will get the chance to step into their hero’s shoes very soon. A 3DS game based on the manga/anime character is due on November 11th. You’ll get to hang out at the local school and participate in activities ranging from garbage collection tournaments to school trips. You’ll be able to call on a range of powers including telepathy, telekinesis and psychic vision. Who wouldn’t want that? You’ll also be able to explore Okinawa and hurl cars around.

The game looks like a cross between Bully and Skool Daze but with the added bonus of psychic powers. Might well be worth checking out.

Published by Bandai-Namco, Saiki Kusuo no Sainan Shijou Saidai no Saina will retail for Y5700.

Get this game on play-asia.com

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Nintendo Going Mobile: 10 Ideas Better Than Miitomo

April 14th, 2016 David S Posted in Japan, Nintendo | Comment »

Nintendo characters

When word spread last year that Nintendo was dipping its toes into mobile markets, fans were absolutely delighted. The expectation was that we might get a gaming experience based on one of the company’s iconic characters or properties that could be downloaded onto mobile devices. Indeed, one has to imagine Nintendo could make an absolute fortune by expanding some of its most beloved titles to mobile. It all seemed inevitable.

Then Nintendo came out with Miitomo, a bizarre social app that has to be one of the bigger letdowns in Nintendo history. As Forbes put it, the app “disappoints and baffles” with its apparent desire to take on Facebook rather than produce a real gaming experience. In Miitomo, your task is to create a “Mii” avatar (you know, like you did when you first turned on your old Nintendo Wii back in 2006), and then answer questions about yourself. Your Mii then interacts with your friends’ Miis like a social network.

But for all its greatness, Nintendo is no stranger to misfires. The company has produced its share of disappointments over the years, but it always seems to rebound. So in the hopes that they’ll do just that, here are 10 ideas for better mobile apps than Miitomo.

1. Super Mario

Let’s just start with the most obvious idea. A side-scrolling, platformer Super Mario game would translate pretty well to mobile devices, and it would most likely become the most popular app in the market.

2. Donkey Kong

Pretty much any Donkey Kong experience could enjoy similar success to a Super Mario app, though it would be really cool to see Nintendo go all the way back to the original Donkey Kong arcades. Those games were not only simple enough from a control standpoint to translate well to mobile, but their pixellated quality fits in pretty well with some hot design trends in app gaming.

3. Pokémon Red/Blue

Yes, Pokémon Go is an interesting idea. But has there ever been a Nintendo game that seems more like a mobile app already than the original Pokémon Red/Blue titles? Built for Gameboy, these games were exceedingly simple from both a visual and a control standpoint. Not to mention they were some of the biggest sensations in video game history. Pokémon Mobile could be the most lucrative app in history if Nintendo decided to go for it.

4. Super Smash Bros.

There are countless mobile games that have adopted the fighter style, pitting foes against each other in simple, swipe- and tap-based combat. It wouldn’t be as sophisticated as Super Smash Bros. games on consoles, but the general format adapts well to mobile.

5. Mario Golf

This game is too often overlooked among other great N64 titles. However, IGN pointed it out in a post about Nintendo franchises that would be great on mobile, and I have to agree. The article made a few wise points about this one. First, you could load up, play a few holes, and come back later, which satisfies the desire for quick gaming sessions. Second, there could be a connected leaderboard feature to satisfy more competitive gamers.

6. Mario Kart

Mario Kart would surely be a hit, even if racing games are a little bit hit-and-miss on mobile. Even if this were done clumsily, people would love the chance to play one of the most iconic Nintendo franchises on mobile.

7. Nintendo Bingo

If Nintendo wants to keep things simple, they could look for a gaming format that allows for the placement of popular themes and characters but doesn’t actually adapt an established title. Bingo is an interesting option in this regard, as there’s a strong precedent for similar games. There are several themed titles at Gala Bingo that are available on mobile platforms and that appeal to fans of various TV shows and the like. Nintendo could do the same with their own themes and characters, using simple backgrounds, cards, and character callers to create a simple, albeit satisfying, experience.

8. Nintendo Poker

Everything I said regarding bingo would also work well with poker. These types of casino games are well established in mobile markets and don’t require a whole lot of invention to embrace themes. It would be particularly cool if a poker game allowed you to use Nintendo characters as your own avatar (you know, instead of a Mii…).

9. The Legend Of Zelda

You didn’t think I’d forget Zelda, did you? These games have covered a pretty broad spectrum of styles over the years, but some of the earlier Zelda games are every bit as simple in look and gameplay as Pokémon and could adapt very well to mobile. Indeed, it’s been tried by other companies, so frequently that Games Radar wrote up a list of 10 games that have blatantly ripped off Zelda.

10. Super Mario RPG

Possibly the most underrated Nintendo game in history, this SNES title was an extensive RPG that utilized a really interesting cast of Mario characters we just haven’t seen very often elsewhere. There’s endless evidence that RPGs work pretty well on mobile, and a Super Mario RPG comeback would be a stroke of brilliance by Nintendo.

This list could keep going and going, but you get the idea. The good news is that Miitomo is viewed as just the beginning for Nintendo’s foray into mobile markets, so let’s hope they get moving with some more interesting ideas.

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