Super Nintendo World

June 9th, 2017 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Japan, Mario, Nintendo No Comments »

Those of you that have ever dreamed of setting foot in the mushroom kingdom will soon be getting their wish. Universal Studios Japan have commenced work on Super Nintendo World, a new themed area set to feature characters and rides from Nintendo’s most popular games. We’re expecting an official real life Mario Kart, Nintendo parades and who knows what else? There’s a while to wait as the new zone will be opening in 2020. Until then, why not take a look at the trailer:

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Switch Revealed – Region Free

January 14th, 2017 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Mario, Nintendo, Switch No Comments »

Nintendo switch with zelda on screen

Nintendo just revealed details of their new hybrid console and in good news for expat gamers, the system will be region free, meaning you’ll be able to buy games from wherever you like.

We got a look at several launch games, including a long trailer for the impressive looking Zelda – Breath of the Wild. A new Mario game for the system, Mario Odyssey, looked intriguing, appearing to be set in an open world city with realistic citizens walking around. Grand Theft Mario, anyone? We also saw footage of Splatoon 2, which looked good. Other confirmed games included Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, FIFA soccer, Ultra Streetfighter 2, Steep, Minecraft, Arms – a motion controlled boxing game and several others.

Just five titles will be available at launch, Zelda, 1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, Skylanders Imaginators and Just Dance 2017.

Launch price will be Y29,980 which has raised a few eyebrows, but is slightly less than the Wii U Premium bundle. Peripherals do seem expensive with the pro controller going for $70 and the Joy-Con going for $50 each ($80 for a pair).

There will also be a subscription model for online play which is a shame, but it is worth pointing out that Wii U multiplayer performance is rock solid and the infrastructure for that doesn’t come cheap. There was some mention of a smartphone or device being used for online features, but we’re not yet clear on how that will work. Apparently subscribers will be entitled to play a single NES or SNES game each month, but it isn’t clear they’ll be able to keep it. Compared to the generous bundle of games offered with Playstation and XBox subscriptions this does sound somewhat Scrooge like. Overcharging for their retro content on modern system has always seemed a bit of an own goal for Nintendo but we’ll have to wait to see exactly what’s on offer before passing judgement on this.

All in all though we’re pretty pleased with this. The games look good, it’s region free and it seems to have a bit of third party support. Roll on March 3.

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Mario Kart Revs Up With Enhanced DLC

April 3rd, 2015 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Mario, Nintendo No Comments »

Mario Kart Animal Crossing
Mario Kart 8 has been a joyous triumph for the Wii U. Like so many of the platform’s games it feels like the quintessential entry in the series. The first of its two bundles of DLC was a big success, bringing a generous selection of new tracks and racers to the game.

The second bundle was expected to be more of the same, but it turns out Nintendo have an extra surprise in store for us. For the first time, Mario Kart will be getting a 200c mode, effectively adding a fourth difficulty level. This means that as well as the new tracks, long term players will have a reason to go back to all the old favourites, to try and master them at this new faster speed. Unlike the extra tracks, the 200c mode will be free of charge.

Additionally, the new mode and second group of new tracks will be available earlier than planned, on April 23rd, so there isn’t that long to wait.

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Nya Nya Nya Neko Mario Time

October 31st, 2014 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Japan, Mario, Nintendo No Comments »

Nintendo have been posting awesome videos on their official site with tips and tricks for Nintendo games. Here’s the latest Nya Nya Nya Neko Mario Time:

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Real Life Mario Kart in Akihabara

July 13th, 2014 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Japan, Mario, Misc, Nintendo No Comments »

Those of you that have always wanted to try Mario Kart in real life (I presume that’s pretty much everyone), need wait no longer.

Real life Mario Kart racing is now available around Akihabara. Drivers are able to discuss their choice of character with organizers who then try and allocate everyone someone they like. Training is given, although since they are driving on the road a proper driving license is required. The racing itself lasts over two hours though racers can always pick up a drive-through if they find themselves flagging.

Items, such as bananas and shells are provided although the precise details of their use remains a mystery. Racers go from Akihabara to Shinjuku before finishing in Shibuya. If you manage to book a place at this event expect a lot of interest from tourists.

[source: yahoo Japan]

It is now possible to book tickets to this event in English and we’d appreciate it very much if you did so via our affiliate link: here

You can also book a range of other activities in Tokyo, (some of which are mildly NSFW), here.

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Mario Kart 8 Out Now

May 31st, 2014 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Japan, Mario, Nintendo 1 Comment »

Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8 launched a couple of days ago, and by all accounts it’s a cracker. The game is being described as the best in the series and is getting rave reviews all over the gaming media.

Nintendo Japan are running a promotion where buyers of the game get to try out two other games for a month. These games can then be purchased at a discount. They’re offering a pretty good selection: The Wonderful 101, Zelda: Wind Waker, Nintendoland, Pikmin 3 and Game and Wario. It looks like being a good way to check out any games you might have missed recently. Here’s the link.

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Mario Happy Sets

December 1st, 2013 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Japan, Mario, Nintendo No Comments »

Mario Happy SetMcDonalds Japan are giving away a range of Mario toys with Happy Sets. 6 versions of Mario are available as well as Yoshi and Princess Peach. These could well become collectors items, so if you feel like a trip to the Golden Arches, now is the time!

Full details here!

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Cute Mario SD Card Reader

September 30th, 2012 ThreeHeadedMonkey Posted in Mario, Stuff No Comments »

This card reader from Taito is just the thing for Mario fans who can’t bear to be without their hero long enough to copy their photos onto a PC. The reader is a little on the bulky side but who cares – you can send Mario down the pipe and listen to the authentic sound effect as many times as you like.



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World Hobby Fair 2012

January 16th, 2012 Ninjinkai Posted in 3DS, Arcades, DS, Japan, Mario, Misc, Nintendo, Playstation, PSP, Sega, Sony, Stuff, Vita, Wii 1 Comment »

Want to know what toys Japanese kinds are going to be playing with this year? Then the World Hobby Fair is your place to go. Put on by toy and game businesses, the show gives kids the chance to play with all the newest stuff and gives the companies lots of feedback about what’s hot or not.

This year was dominated by Pokemon, Gundam, and Inazuma Eleven, with all three licenses being spread over a wide variety of merchandise and crossovers. Nintendo and Sony both had a substantial presence, setting up large booths and lots of demos and tournaments. Battling toys were getting a lot of attention, it seems kids want anything that lets them pit one toy against another in a brawl. Professional Yo-yo…ers?..ists? were drawing crowds teaching tricks and hosting shows. Girl-focused games like Pretty Rhythm, Tamagotchi, and Cooking Mama were bringing in lots of players too.

Our picks for the best of the show? The Taiko no Tatsujin game being demoed inside a giant snow globe, the very unusual pairing of feudal Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga with Pokemon, and the Sony shrine featuring Playstation characters and selling good-luck charms.

Here are the pictures, scroll over for a description.

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3DS Add-ons

January 11th, 2012 Ninjinkai Posted in 3DS, DS, Japan, Mario, Nintendo No Comments »

Let’s take a look at some of the add-ons available for the Nintendo 3DS.

First up is the Rakuoki, a simple stand to allow for easy writing. It’s not too expensive at ¥940.

Next, we have the Handle, a steering wheel for racers. It might not be the best with the 3D on though, since moving the console tends to distort the 3D effect. At ¥1150, it too is also rather inexpensive.

Finally, the one that’s making big news, the Slidepad. This add-on was released in conjunction with Monster Hunter Tri-G and adds a second analog slider pad, 2 shoulder buttons, and ergonomic grips. It’s also an official Nintendo product, hinting that a possible 3DS redesign and upgrade is coming. It’s the most expensive of the add-ons available at ¥1500, but still not too much considering it may soon become a necessity. Here are some more pictures of the device:

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