White House Site Petition to End Region Locking

If you love Japanese games then the chances are you’re not a huge fan of region locking. This anti-consumer practice has been going on for decades. It is a real hassle for gamers who are prevented from buying games they are perfectly willing to pay good money for.

With all the fuss software companies make about piracy you would think they would be doing everything in their power to enable customers to buy their games. Some console manufactures have made an effort to accommodate international gamers – Sony deserve recognition for making the PS3 almost entirely region free. Microsoft allow publishers to lock or not, and many choose not to. Nintendo however have their products totally locked down.

If you want to express your opposition to region locking, there is now a petition on the White House website. If the petition reaches 100,000 users by February 15th then there will be an official response.

Though we’re not sure exactly what the White House can do to fix the issue, we think it is great to raise awareness of this problem, and let publishers know that it is an issue that matters to their customers.

View the petition here.

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