Nintendo Reveal Footage of the Switch

We got our first good look at the new Nintendo NX today thanks to footage uploaded to twitter. Henceforth it shall now be known as Nintendo Switch. Not a bad name. Might be confused with a bank card in the UK but that shouldn’t deter the hardcore fans.

Several games are shown, the exciting looking new Zelda, Splatoon, what looked like a new Mario Game, something a bit Skyrimy and one or two others.

The trailer shows off the ability of the system to switch between playing on the TV and working as a fully portable system. Someone is also shown at an airport, which hopefully means Nintendo have decided they’d actually like to sell some systems and abandoned their region locking nonsense this time around. Fingers crossed! Anyway, there’s not long to wait. Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017.

Watch the trailer at the official site, here.

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