Top 100 Countdown – 50 – 41

50. Mario World II: Yoshi’s Island (SNES)
The more experimental of Mario’s adventures tend to be the weaker titles in the series.  Not so Yoshi’s island which features Yoshi carrying baby mario through a series of crayon drawn worlds filled to the brim with ideas, invention and Miyamoto sparkle.
49. Galaga (Arcade)
Of all the post space invaders shooting games this one sticks most in the memory with its twitchy gameplay, maddening bonus stages and insectoid enemies.
48. Defenda! (Amiga)
Protect civilians from the invading aliens, or else face the evil killer mutants.  I prefer this Amiga version to the arcade original that is probably familiar to most.
47. Wipeout 2097 (PS)
Super high speed racing action.  This game is regarded by many as being style over substance, but the game becomes pretty rewarding once you learn to handle the hover cars properly.
46. Resident Evil: Code Veronica (DC)
The Resident Evil series really came of age in this Dreamcast game, which managed to add some quality to the B-movie plotting of the series while keeping the zombie busting gameplay intact.
45. Gunship (PC/Amiga/Spectrum)
Pilot one of the worlds most sophisticated combat helicopters behind enemy lines – this game was an impressive simulation for the spectrum, and was a tension filled flight sim along with it.
44. Half Life (PC)
Seamless cut scenes play out within the game engine which give this game a great sense of immersion and ‘being there’.  Being caught in the middle of an alien invasion and the troops sent to eliminate them is always entertaining – not to mention the head crab zombies.
43. Metroid Fusion (GBA)
The game boy advance version of this great series gives you a map pointer telling you where to go next.  This makes the game feel much less epic than its SNES predecessor, but makes playing it much more enjoyable.  The classic gameplay remains intact with weapons and equipment galore to match the variety of enemies and puzzles you’ll face.
42. Timesplitters II (PS2)
A shooting game that doesn’t take itself too seriously is always welcome.  Blowing people’s heads off should be fun after all.  Timesplitters 2 was a generous package featuring a huge variety of levels and game types.
41. MDK II (PC)
Inventive action adventure game from Bioware that really shows what a bit of imagination can do.  3 different characters lead to 3 different gameplay styles keeping this enjoyable bit of world saving fun throughout.

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