Japan Goes Worldwide

Although the game has been a bit hit in Japan since last April, the rest of the world wasn’t privy to the release of MagnaCarta II until a week ago. Earlier this October, the Softmax-developed and Banpresto-published masterwork finally made its way to North America to be released exclusively on Xbox 360.

This is tremendous news for Banpresto and fans of the MagnaCarta role-playing franchise. The game got its start with Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche, released only on Windows. Then the small waves started to create a big splash once Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata was released on PS2. And now, the game has made its first appearance on a seventh generation console, and it has been very well received.

Banpresto did an incredible job with this game. The Japanese gaming conglomerate, in business since 1977, is best known for their contribution to Sega: Pengo. However, in recent years, Banpresto has been moving toward seventh generating gaming, and the publishing of MagnaCarta II has proven to be a wise move.

MagnaCarta II is a story set on the embattled Lanzheim Continent, following the main male character Juto. Juto cannot remember his past, struck by amnesia, and after the war starts, his days of a simple farmer are over as he sets out to reclaim his identity and protect the people he cares for. Some of the best bonuses of this game have to do with the other characters, however. You’ll find wind and lightning wizards and other warriors and plenty of creatures with spellbinding powers along the journey.

All in all, it’s easy to see why this game has been creating such a buzz. The recent North American release will only help to solidify MagnaCarta and strengthen the line. Be on the lookout for MagnaCarta III in the near future.

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